High level of flexibility with 6-axis robot //
High level of precision and fast processing //
Place-saving design with shelf robot



We exclusively use 6-axis robots to remove components from injection molding systems. These robots guarantee a high level of flexibility and precision. These shelf-type robots, which have now been successfully established on the market, can be assembled on top of the injection molding machine to save space. Removal from the injection molding machine takes place from above, as with conventional linear robots.




Shelf robots were developed specifically for removing large injection- molded components. The robots are assembled on the fixed half of the injection molding machine form to save space. Removal from the injection molding machine – as with conventional removal using linear robots – takes place from above. This means that no protective doors need to be opened and no interfaces need to be expanded.

The peripheral equipment can also be attached to the side of the in- jection molding machine to save space. Sample applications: removing consoles, bumpers or other large components.


6-axis robots are largely used to insert or remove compli-
cated components, or components with special requirements.
A 6-axis robot is also a good option for applications that re-
quire a high level of flexibility. The robot can perform not just
the removal, but also the subsequent processes in a cost-
effective way, directly at the injection molding machine. This
saves time, warehousing costs and wages, and it reduces 
the potential for errors.