Laser-cutting system


Integrates all of the components into one system // Short intervals due to the patented turntable // Compact system structure // User-friendly system controls




With the FLACS RT C-Series laser-cutting system, we became the world’s first company to introduce a system that combines
all of the necessary components into a single unit with an exceptional design. This system represents the latest technological develop-
ments, making it the perfect foundation for processing your components. 


The FLACS RT-Series laser-cutting system uses our 
proprietary ROBOCUT laser robot. The laser robot can 
be equipped with an integrated CO2 laser, with output 
between 100 – 1000 W, a CO2 laser with an external
laser-beam arm up to 2 KW, or a fiber laser up to 2 KW.


The attractive protection cab is made of steel panels
and provides complete protection from the laser
beams. The outside of the cab corresponds to Laser
Class 1. There is an access door with a window
on one side.


The FLACS RT C-Series laser-cutting system is attractive 
because of its very compact structure and its inte-
gration of all the components you need for your parts 
production. The system’s floor has two levels; the
lower level houses all of the supply lines. This structure
guarantees good accessibility for service work. The
upper level is constructed as an even surface, so there
are no disruptive ledges. The cab roof can quickly and
easily be removed in order to uninstall heavy components. 


One of the most important parts of the system – the user inter- face – is the loading area. In designing the FLACS RT C-Series laser-cutting system, we paid careful attention to the small details, like an air nozzle for cleaning the equipment, in addition to ergonomics, pivoting doors to switch out equipment, leg room and a display for activating the light beams.


Another important key to short intervals is the time it takes to
switch out components. Our patented turntable allows
cycle times as short as 2 seconds. The table is powered through
the robot controls, which guarantees the best dynamics.


The FLACS control panel acts as the user interface. All of the system’s features and status reports can be easily and clearly monitored here. The ergo- nomics were tailored to the user by angling the work surfaces. The position can be changed using a pivot arm.

Color touch monitor

The 15” color touch monitor allows the user to operate the entire system and
oversee the laser-cutting processes using an interior camera.

Control panel

The control panels for laser and robot are functionally integrated into the
FLACS control panel. This allows all of the functions to be carried out from one

FLACS control panel

This control panel can be used to change the operation type from manual to
automatic. In the same way, the individual manual functions can be per-
formed directly here. It also displays the current flow rate for the cooling unit.


In order to adapt the equipment, the system is outfitted with the 
FLACS connecting board. Each side of the rotary table can be
equipped with two vacuum circuits, two pneumatic circuits, electrical
power and an equipment code. The vacuum circuits have
push buttons with a digital display and changing colors (red/green). 



The main filter consists of a cartridge filter level that can be supple-
mented by an easily replaced waste disposal system and a
powder-treating system for the coating material. The cleaning cycle is
initiated automatically by measuring the difference in pressure.


Fewer components = fewer potential problem sources.

An integrated switchboard with PC controls is used to control the
system it manages both the robot movement and all periph-
eral components. The safety of the system is guaranteed through
a programmable safety controller.


The central connection point for the system is its integrated media
connection box. It contains the power supply and the air con-
nection, which leads directly to a special air filter and air dryer. The
prepared air is used as process gas.


Documentation cannot be found – does that phrase sound familiar?

With our FLACS RT C-Series laser-cutting system, this problem should be
a thing of the past. We have included a separate compartment in the
system for the documentation, the beam calibration set and wear parts for
the beam controls.


Short startup times can be realized through a shared base frame. 
The base frame has been optimized to ensure the best possible 
transport volume and system weight. The supply lines have been 
laid in a double-layered floor. 


Lifting eyes and drop points have been integrated into the cell to
ensure quick and simple transport of the complete system.