Laser Cutting Robot


The perfect symbiosis of laser and robot // large working area // high precision



The patent pending laser cutting robot ROBOCUT A 100 is the perfect symbiosis of laser and robot. The world debut of ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY is an optimal tool for trimming of plastic parts. In order to consider individual requirements, laser powers from 100 to 300 W and various nozzle and scanner versions are available. The proven technology – namely to insert the laser into a housing as fully integrated part of the kinematics – was also realized with the A 100. An ultralight carbon casing links axis 2 and 4 and includes the laser source. The laser cutting robot is characterized by a large working area, high velocity, variation possibilities and high precision; features which create an absolute high-tech machine.


The 6-axis laser robot is based on the ABB-robot IRB 2600 including the standard ABB programming language. So all well-known standard ABB options are available. The main application area of this laser robot is processing of plastic parts of the automotive industry. Parts like pillar trims, I-panels or door modules. Ideal materials are PP, PE, ABS-PC, plexiglas, TPO foils as well as any fabrics.

Ultralight carbon housing

with integrated CO2 laser and RF power supply

Scanner and nozzles

Scanner version // Standard nozzle // Angle nozzle