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For a service enquiry, please use the form below. Alternatively, you
can also download the form as a PDF file and send it to us by fax or
email. Please note our business hours: Mo – Fr. 08.00 – 17.00;
Customer Service is not available at weekends or on public holidays.

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Heavy dirt not only hampers the progress of work, but it also endangers the health of our employees. This is especially true in
the risk of slipping caused by grease, solvents or cutting agents. In order to start work without delay, we ask you to roughly clean
the robot and work environment in advance. Thank you!

The valid version of the “General Delivery Conditions” which are known to you are applicable. The services are invoiced at our
respective current calculation rates for engineers and technicians. In addition to the regulated liability for damage to the service
item itself, ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY and their fulfilment and performance agents provide a guarantee to customers for negligently
inflicted property damage and personal injury. The amount of this liability is limited to a total of EUR 2,000,000 per claim for person-
al injury and to EUR 4,000,000 for all claims for personal injury within one year, as well as EUR 1,500,000 per claim for property
damage and EUR 3,000,000 for all claims for property damage within one year. Liability for other damages, whatever the legal rea-
son, is excluded. This applies in particular to liability for indirect or consequential damages or losses, such as loss of revenue,
loss of use, loss of production, capital costs or costs associated with operational disruption. The exclusion also applies in case of delay.

Our payment terms for services are: Immediate payment without deduction.