Grippers are needed for numerous applications, e. g handling and assembly automation in plastic and metal industry. The sample gripper shows the removal of complex 3D-parts from an injection molding machine. This design is also suitable for withdrawal of undercut parts safely and carefully with additional motion.



Simple or complex – We can provide all

Our portfolio starts with simple grippers for parts removal from the injection molding machine and includes also complex grippers designed in 3D. Simple and compact grippers are manufactured according to customer’s parts in a cost-eff ective way. Complex grippers are designed completely in 3D, simulated and then manufactured. If desired we cannot only supply a gripper but also handle your complete planning and start-up of your projects. Programming for many marketable robot systems is possible.

gripper trays

If requested we also supply gripper trays for protected storage and an easy exchange of the grippers

careful removal

Pneumatic linear and rotating modules for careful removal of parts

clever component usage

Effective and cost-oriented mixture of standard and special components

gripper changing systems

We supply manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic gripper changing systems

Specific Solutions

Project-specific gripper fingers

Advantages of plastic laser sintering

3D-printed gripper components for maximum functionality at a favourable price