ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY specializes in building systems for manufacturing automotive components. Our customers manufacture a wide range of interior and exterior components using our systems. The following overview shows examples of some of these components.

Here we show you selected components that were
processed using our systems.




One of ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY’s specialties is laser-cutting pillar cov-
erings for motor vehicles. These components, made with back
injection molded materials, must be cut very cleanly and precisely
after the injection molding process. They require a high level of
path accuracy and a clean, smooth cut – features that are guaran-
teed by our laser robot. ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY’s complete system
solutions ensure a high level of process security and fast applications.

  • a-,b-,c-säule
  • a-,b-,c-säule
  • a-,b-,c-säule

  • Folie
  • Folie
  • Folie


The back injection molding process for film components is gaining
popularity in the automotive industry. Before the injection process,
the film is cut using laser systems from ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY.
It is important for this process to be clean and extremely precise.
ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY’s scanner technology, combined with the
laser robot or the FLACS.SCAN, guarantees these characteristics.
In addition, we have built up a wealth of expertise in the area of
fixture building, which is combined with vacuum technology to form
the basis for this process.




In general, rear window shelves with fabric decorations
cannot be processed using stamping equipment.
Stamping equipment is not flexible enough, and it does
not make clean cuts. Laser systems allow these
components to be manufactured with a high level of
precision and without filament formation.

  • Hutablage
  • Hutablage
  • Hutablage

  • instrumententafel
  • instrumententafel


The processing of I-panels involves various tasks. With our
laser systems, ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY allows for edge cutting,
cutouts in the center area and airbag perforations.




A significant application area for laser-cutting systems is cutting
the linings for car trunks. The rear injection molded carpet
needs to be cut perfectly to size. Often, this also involves cutouts
for CD players, GPS systems, etc. Our systems are highly
flexible in this area.

  • kofferraumverkleidung
  • kofferraumverkleidung

  • Lenkrad
  • Lenkrad
  • Lenkrad


Laser-cutting systems from ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY are used in
creating variants of steering wheels. Laser cutting allows
for cost-effective realization of highly flexible components that
do not require post-processing.




Our FLACS.SCAN laser-cutting system is an optimal processing system
for creating variants of headlight housings. Our systems technology
also guarantees a high level of precision in hard-to-reach areas. Stamping
equipment would not be suitable here because of the complex angles.

  • Scheinwerferverkleidung
  • Scheinwerferverkleidung

  • Spiegelgehäuse


Injection molded mirror housings are removed by 6-axis robots.
Here our systems offer a high level of flexibility, fast removal and a
high level of process security.




In processing automotive bumpers, ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY offers systems
for removing the bumper from the injection molding machine as well as
laser systems for cutting the different variants. Shelf-type robots are often
used for removing parts from the injection molding machine; they also
perform follow-up tasks, such as sprue cutting, flaming, creating variants,
etc. The laser-cutting systems produce various chrome liner versions,
license-plate designs, cutouts for exhaust-gas cleaning systems and hitch
fittings. The advantage is that the different variants can be realized in a
highly precise way after painting, and without post-processing.

  • Stoßdämpfer

  • Telefoncover
  • Telefoncover


The FLACS.SCAN laser-cutting system is optimal for cutting films,
for instance to be used with telephone covers. Our systems
allow you to achieve shorter intervals and higher quality standards
than ever before.




The plastic components, back injection molded with needle fleece, are
processed with laser-cutting systems from ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY.

For instance, our systems execute the edge cutting and the cutouts for
creating variants. The advantage is a very clean, precise-edged cut.

  • Trennwand / Kofferraum
  • Trennwand / Kofferraum

  • Türmodul
  • Türmodul
  • Türmodul
  • Türmodul
  • Türmodul


In processing door modules, ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY offers systems
for a wide variety of components. For instance, we can perforate
windowsills in order to allow later vacuum sealing, cut door inserts
for later welding, and process back injection molded arm rests
with precise edges. For these components, a clean, smooth cut is
essential for later high-quality use.




In a subsequent process, door modules are covered by a film. This requires
vacuum holes to be made. The vacuum holes are created very quickly and
precisely using our FLACS.SCAN laser-cutting system. The holes have a very
small diameter and are no longer visible after they are covered. The laser
process also makes it possible to avoid burr formation.

  • Türmodul Pitchen
  • Türmodul Pitchen
  • Türmodul Pitchen

  • Zylinderkopfdichtung
  • Zylinderkopfdichtung


Cylinder head gaskets manufactured with a metal-rubber compo-
site usually need to be cut after the injection process.
ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY’s FLACS.SCAN laser-cutting system is used
here to guarantee fast, highly precise cutting. A simple repro-
gramming process allows a wide variety of variants to be cut in a
very short amount of time.