ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY offers complete system solutions from a single source.

We provide: technical consultation // an analysis of the system // a 3-D simulation of the work processes and construction // mechanical construction // electrical wiring and // programming for programmable logic controllers, PC and robot-based controls

This allows us to create a system concept that is perfectly tailored to your tasks.




The laser system FLACS SCAN 300-HR is the perfect system to trim plastic parts. Our laser cutting station FLACS SCAN can be easily integrated into an automation line. Handling and positioning of the parts are realized with a handling robot. Here all common types are possible. The laser power can be selected from 100 to 600 W. High precision contours can be performed with a 3-axis-scanner. The parts are fed via a turntable with two stations. The complete system is surrounded with a safety device.


The system represents a complete manufacturing line for
producing trunk linings. In addition to preparing and heating the
arpet, it also loads the injection molding machine. The parts
are then laid on a buffer conveyor to cool. Afterward, the compo-
nents are fed into the laser system by a handling robot, and
the laser cuts the edges and creates the cutouts.

Once the components have been completely post-processed,
they are laid on a conveyor belt and buffered.

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The system solution is used to manufacture PVC windowsills for door coverings. In addition to providing, cutting and warming the PVC film, the components are fed into the injection molding machine and then removed. Afterward, the components are buffered for about an hour so that they can be further processed with other components at the same temperature. After laser-cutting by the ROBOCUT laser- cutting robot, the components are fed into an ultrasonic welding machine and welded to the attachment bars. The handling robot lays the finished components on a buffer conveyor.


ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY builds system solutions that link multiple robots,
materials handling and peripheral stations, all controlled via a pro-
grammable logic controller or a PC. ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY designs and
constructs the necessary peripheral components. Programming,
construction and startup all take place in-house.

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Adhesive connections are becoming more and more important in the automotive industry. ROBOT-TECHNOLOGY delivers complete systems that can be applied to components automatically using adhesive strips. The components are usually pre-treated using plasma or flaming.