Pinpoint or partial perforation // Highly precise and fast // Includes a monitoring system and product documentation




Laser perforation is an increasingly popular process used in the automotive industry to create vacuum holes and airbag perfo-
rations. Our ROBOCUT laser robot, with its corresponding switching electronics to control the laser, and our FLACS.SCAN laser-cutting
system can be used to monitor and document the laser work online.


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Door modules and I-panels are primarily perforated for manufac-
turing airbag components. The perforation line can be pro-
cessed either through the ROBOCUT laser robot or the FLACS.SCAN
with a scanner unit.

Any shapes made up of pinpoint or partial perforations can be im-
ported. With the scanner option, we offer proprietary software
that we developed to ensure the simple programming and simple
entry of parameters.


The process control for airbag perforation can be carried out
using various procedures. The best method can be chosen based
on the task at hand.