Laser-cutting station


Processing very precise contours // Fast processing speeds // Cutting, marking, perforation and machining


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FLACS SCAN 100 laser-processing station

A standard laser station for cost-effective processing of plastic components. This flexible system provides an interesting alternative to
conventional stamping. By minimizing the mass being moved (the laser beam is diverted using two very lightweight mirrors), it
allows extremely precise contours to be created at very high speeds. In addition to cutting components, you can also mark, perforate
and machine materials. The level of precision is up to +/- 0.02 mm, depending on the application.


This system concept uses CO2 lasers with a laser power
between 60 and 300 W. The laser is mounted on an
adjustment plate and equipped with a completely sealed
beam guidance system, which is kept free from dust
through overload pressure.


The laser can exit through a fixed nozzle, a 2-axis scanner or a 3-axis scanner. The 3-axis scanner can process larger work surfaces with good focus quality. The scanner is controlled through an industrial PC.


The beam guidance system is completely sealed and easily adjusted, requiring only a tilted mirror. In order to minimize the focus diameter and to achieve better process performance, the beam guidance system also includes a beam expansion component.


Robot loading version

For automatic loading, there is a version that is completely open in front. A linear or 6-axis robot can flexibly load the components into
the station from the front. The robot can reposition the components several times in order to scan them from multiple sides.