Laser robot


Outstanding component accessibility // Reliable and economical  // Laser power of 100 - 1000 W



The laser cutting robot robocut embodies the unique synthesis of laser and robot. The ingenious combination is the perfect tool to process plastic and metal parts. The laser robot can be adapted to your special task with laser powers from 100 to 1000 w.

The main area of application for the laser robot is cutting plastic molding components for automobiles, such as pillar cov- erings, door modules, trunk linings and exterior covering compo- nents. It can cut almost any type of plastic, such as PP, PE, ABS-PC, Plexiglas and TPO films, as well as all kinds of textiles – with the best cutting quality and speed. Combination materials are ideally suited for processing with the laser robot. It can eco- nomically process steel panels up to 3 mm thick, and stainless- steel components up to 2 mm. The unrivaled flexibility of the laser robot offers you new possibilities for processing components. Further specifications and information can be found in the following points, which introduce the product in detail.



The extremely streamlined design of the laser-cutting nozzle 
makes the components very accessible. The process gas supply 
is provided through channels in the nozzle, which eliminates
external hoses. Depending on the task, we offer cutting nozzles
with a variety of focal lengths. 

The optical cutting head has a removal slot to allow quick disassembly
for maintenance work.


The CO2 lasers are based on a sealed-off-construction that allows the lasers to be operated for more than 15,000 hours without changing the gas. The integrated low-output diode laser makes it easier to calibrate the beam and is an enormous help for programming of the components.

The RT network component integrated into the robot offers significant advant-ages over conventional systems, since it completely eliminates the load on the RF cable. The entire RF network component can be switched out quickly and easily for servicing.



The ROBOCUT is the only laser robot to offer two infinitely rotating axes, numbers 4 and 5. This special feature provides outstanding accessibility for the components and much shorter cycle times for many applications.

The mirrors are recessed to prevent a collision with the beam controllers.



The lens pollution monitor can be integrated into the axis as an option. The display on the user interface automatically indicates when the lens needs to be cleaned.


The integrated scanner (laser beam deflection through two extremely lightweight mirrors) covers a processing surface with a diameter of 150 mm when the robot is at rest. The robot universally positions the scanner unit at the components. This allows all kinds of contours to be cut and labeled with the greatest degree of pre- cision and speed. When cutting a circle, it can achieve a concentricity of +/- 0.02 mm.


The patent-pending distance sensor, which was specially developed for the area of
metal cutting, is manufactured jointly with the Precitec company. Precitec is a
well-known manufacturer and market leader in the area of distance sensors for laser-
cutting applications. This guarantees industrial standards and high quality.

Integrating the distance sensor into our laser robot creates a compact structure,
with a very short distance between the robot’s center of rotation and the
processing point on the component. This allows for outstanding component
accessibility, very good path repeatability and fast reorientation.




One of the most important requirements for laser-cutting applications is the robot’s path accuracy. The stable structure of the robot and the “dynamic model” software module from ABB provides us with never-before-seen results here. Especially at varying speeds, it achieves very good path repeatability.