With laser cutting, marking or welding with a scanner, the
laser beam is very quickly deflected over two small mirrors.
In this way, highly accurate paths at high speeds can be
realised with simple programming. Such scanners are avail-
able in connection with the laser robot ROBOCUT or the
laser cutting system FLACS RT series or FLACS.SCAN, for
example. These systems are optimally designed for scanner
cutting. In principle, a difference is then made between
2-axis and 3-axis scanners.

With the 2-axis scanners, deflection is done using two mirrors
and focussing through a connected specially adapted lens. With
the 3-axis scans, diversion is also done via two mirrors,
however the parabolic effect is balanced. The parabolic effect is
caused by the deflection of the mirror, and arises by a connected
pair of lenses, one of which is mobile. Then there is just a pro-
tective glass on the mirror.